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Along with the Istrian peninsula, the Peljesac peninsula is one of the largest on the Adriatic coast. It stretches from the isthmus of Ston all the way to Cape Lovista in the northwest and it is 65km long. Some of its larger towns are Ston, Brijesta, Trpanj, Viganj, and Orebic. The Peljesac peninsulas mountains are known hunting grounds for mouflons. Its inhabitants mostly make their living off of tourism, wine-growing-manufacturing dingac wine in the wine cellars of Potomja and Ston, as well as stockbreeding and fishing. It is also known for its salt-works and cultivating seashells. Stretching along the isthmus, which connects Peljesac to the mainland, are fortress walls which were built by the Republic and served to prevent access to the peninsula.
Orebic is a small city and the most well-known located on the southern coastline of the Peljesac peninsula, opposite to the island of Korcula. Its most popular beach is Trstenica.

Trpanj is a town and harbour located on the northern coast of Peljesac and at the foot of the summits Ostro and Vitar. Trpanj developed near villae rusticae and up on the summit lie the ruins of a medieval fortress. This wonderful town offers beautiful pebbled beaches, untouched nature and it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday with the family. Viganj is a small town with lovely pebbled beaches and beautiful pine forests.

Ston is known for its salt-works and oyster farming. The towns coastline, which stretches down the canal and into the Papratna inlet, is a wonderful place where visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing and scuba diving. Ston is surrounded by a 980m long wall with fortifications. Stons largest fortress is Veliki Kastio whose wall stretches along the towns coastline and, looking out towards the sea, borders with the salt-works. The people of Ston are also known for their wine making expertise and guests can verify them by visiting the towns many wine cellars and taverns.

Mali Ston (Little Ston) is located in a small inlet. It is known for the cultivation of seashells within the Bristina inlet and the Mali Ston canal. The town is surrounded by fortress walls in the shape of a square and facing the harbour is the main entrance to the town. All of its streets were built at a right angle. A great wall stretches from this stronghold to the town of Ston. Guests can also take the time to visit some of the many smaller towns on the Peljesac peninsula such as Duba, Crkvice, Trstenik, Zuljana, Drace, Janjina, Kuna, Oskorusno, Gornja Vrucica, Potomje and Postup.

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Two beautiful Palazzos at seafront

Two beautiful Palazzos at seafront

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