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Vivere Otium d.o.o.- Services
Vivere Otium d.o.o.- Services

Services for real estate buyers

In the following areas you will find detailed information about our consulting services for your property. Our competent team of experienced consultants is ready to help you – from your individual search query and your financial and contract negotiations to our professional follow-up service after the transaction has been completed.

For more detailed information, please click on one of the areas listed below.

  • Establishing communication/search request
  • Consulting services
  • Financing advice and processing
  • Contract and negotiation management
  • After your purchase of real estate

Establishing communication/search request

From your very first contact with us, you receive the highest level of priority. Describe what you are looking for, questions regarding our properties, and your personal requests. We look after your needs from day one and, together with you, prepare all steps required for you to view properties on location.

We not only research our own extensive property portfolio and that of our partners according to your search specifications, but also acquire properties in a targeted manner according to your individual search criteria. This service saves you much additional effort, and therefore you can prepare for your personal viewing tour in a completely relaxed manner.

If you are arriving from abroad, our administrative office is available to you upon request to organize your hotel stay as well as your rental car.

If desired, we are happy to meet you directly at the airport or to pick you up from your hotel.

Whether it’s sport, cultural activities, or an upscale lifestyle, Croatia offers any exclusivity you could wish for. We also cordially invite you to get to know the land and the possible location of your property.

Consulting services

We make ample time available for you during the initial consultations in order to avoid unnecessary detours.

Communicating all of the requirements and steps needed to professionally process your purchase is very important to us.

You should know exactly on what factors and numbers your subsequent purchase decision is to be based. After our consultations you will be intimately familiar with all conditions and terms such as notary purchase certificate, option contract, property tax, capital gains tax, or end of construction acceptance, and so on.

Or course you receive an extensive calculation of all additional costs (notary and registration costs, tax on acquisition of real estate, gains tax, or other potential costs) relevant to your particular case, for your individual investment decision.

Financing advice and processing

Of course, financing advice and processing are also part of our consulting program. Here we are available to you in all areas of financial preparation with our consultant network and our banking partners.

On request we can prepare an individual calculation for your desired financing in cooperation with selected banks and assist you in opening an account.

By comparing and negotiating your financing conditions we, as your consultant with local market knowledge, are often able to find the bank suitable for you with the best interest rates and financing conditions.

Contact us at any time for an individual financing calculation, we are happy to help you.

Contract and negotiation management

After your positive purchase decision, we take the next step with you by preparing the privately signed purchase agreement (option contract) and by commencing negotiations with the seller.

Here we act as the mediator between buyer and seller and transpose/annotate conditional and contractual details of the respectively opposite contractual party, so that the entire purchase process takes place on a strictly objective level.

As a professional partner experienced in handling complex purchase transactions, we strive to satisfy both the buyer and the seller and to work out a fair end result regarding pricing and conditions of the transaction for both sides.

For purchase transactions via, for example, a Croatian limited company (d.o.o.), we consult the corresponding know-how of our confidential lawyers – who, as specialists, have many years of experience in this area – in order to establish a suitable contract and company structure. As part of our expert network, they guarantee the optimal and legally secure purchase of your real estate.

After your purchase of real estate

After the successful purchase and conveyance of your new real estate, an untroubled time of enjoyment should finally begin for you.

It is just at this so important point that we are available to you henceforth with advice and assistance as well as valuable recommendations as, for your personal and smooth integration in Croatia it can be important to set the course properly right from the start.

We see it as an important task to continue advising you competently and personally.

Our professional after sales service is available to you from this point with an extensive network of various partners, experts and service providers ready for you at any time.

Feel secure within our company also for the time after your notary public appointment. We should like to continue to accompany you and always be the reliable partner at your side with all out experience and our contacts.

Below is a detailed list of our services:

We will advise you before you buy

  • We offer detailed and expert advice.
  • Every object will be deeply scrutinized by us.
  • We update our website and database daily.
  • We view all eligible properties beforehand.
  • We provide you with the purchase documents.
  • We have international, well educated and experienced multilingual staff.
  • We will do everything to fulfill the wishes and expectations of our customers.
  • We are available 365 days a year, almost around the clock for our customers and owners.

During the purchase

  • We will open an account with a Croatian bank together with you.
  • Recover the bank guarantees to the seller.
  • Holen die Bankgarantien der Verkäufer ein.
  • We arrange a contact with a bank and a payment technical support.
  • We can prepare a snagging list for you if required.
  • You will be solely represented by English speaking lawyers and notaries, so you can understand every detail of the whole purchase process.
  • We arrange the preparation of the private and notarized sales contract.
  • We take care of the fiduciary management of your deposit until the notarization.
  • We offer a wide service spectrum like the financing, experts, surveyors, etc.
  • We will give you the contact details of lawyers, furniture stores, interior designers, architects, contractors, insurance and moving companies.

After the purchase

  • You will still enjoy our personal service.
  • We help you to register your property in the land register.
  • We will give you a detailed overview of the administrative duties you have to pay.
  • We take care, during your absence, for a representation at owner meetings.
  • Upon request, we will help you set up your property (including alterations). We have the best contacts with architects and decorators.
  • To ensure maintenance of your new property during your absence, we will be happy to provide excellent companies that are specialized in the care and management of home, garden and pool services.
  • We give you regular updates about the Croatian real estate law by our local lawyers.

To complete the legal and fiscal realities our German, English and Croatian-speaking lawyers and accountants will take care of our residents here. So you are always in safe hands!