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Vivere Otium d.o.o.- Services
Vivere Otium d.o.o.- Services

Services for vendors

In the following areas you will find detailed information about our consulting services for your property. Our competent team of experienced consultants is ready to help you – from the valuation of your property and our innovative marketing activities to our professional contract and transaction management service.

For more detailed information, please click on one of the areas listed below.

  • Appraisal
  • Marketing activities
  • Placing sales orders/brokerage agreement
  • Exclusive contract
  • Contract and sales management


What is your real estate worth?

For a professional appraisal of your real estate, several factors must always be considered.

In addition to the publicly known market level for property and land prices, the individual location, quality, substance, and layout of your property play an important role. In addition to a good to excellent location, a nice view, good sun exposure, and comfortable access to infrastructure in both the immediate and larger surroundings with shopping, sports, and recreational facilities all contribute to increased value. In order to reliably appraise your real estate, we also consider the individual history of your property as well as value added through modifications, renovations, or maintenance in addition to the current market criteria of the location.

However, a personal consultation with you in addition to all these mentioned objective criteria is critical in our view. As the owner and seller, you have a right to also introduce emotional and profit-oriented points of view into an overall appraisal of your real estate. Using all of these factors, we work out an individual pricing recommendation with you and find a joint basis to establish a lucrative and realistic selling price. Of course, our consultations in this regard are free of charge.

Even if you are only curious and would like to obtain an expert opinion – with no obligation – regarding the estimated value of your property in order to finalize your decision to sell, you may contact us at any time to set up an appointment for viewing. We look forward to meeting you in person and to a constructive exchange of ideas with you.

Marketing activities

As your real estate consultant, we assume all required steps to professionally market your real estate right from the day we receive your sales order.

We describe our various marketing tools to you in a personal consultation and decide, together with you, which modules from our offering are best suited for marketing your property.

Here you have the choice of the following marketing and advertising media:

  • Preparation of sales documentation (synopsis)
  • Professional high-gloss photos
  • Displaying your property in our real estate office (display window)
  • Putting up a For Sale sign at your property
  • Sending the synopsis to selected customers
  • In consultation with you, carrying out individual marketing activities through advertisements in regional and international professional publications (for exclusive agreements)
  • Targeted internet marketing, also outside the presentation on our website

During all of our activities in this area, we place the greatest importance not just on the highest level of discretion when communicating your sales offer but also on finding a serious interested buyer with the highest possible purchase offer for your property.

Placing sales orders/brokerage agreement

After verbal receipt of your sales order, we document all important conditions of our cooperation during the marketing phase in a proper brokerage agreement.

Our conditions for successfully finding an interested buyer as well as fully attending to and handling the sales process are at the regular market levels familiar to you.

For our exclusive customers who entrust their property to us for a certain period of time with sole marketing rights, we can operate even more effectively and purposefully – not just in respect to conditions but also when investing in your individual marketing activities. Please speak to us in person at any time regarding our exclusive agreement with special conditions. We will be glad to explain your options in this regard.

Exclusive contract for target-oriented marketing

The qualified exclusive commission is the only way of achieving the full potential in terms of time and services as well as providing a way of measuring the success as a reflection of our marketing measures.

A qualified exclusive commission offers you following advantages:

  • Client-oriented consulting and care
  • Achieving full time and service potential
  • Individual marketing concepts
  • Special conditions
  • Assessing the response to the advertising measures
  • Selection of prospective customers

Use the possibility of commissioning of exclusive orders!

Contract and sales management

As soon as we have found a serious interested buyer for your real estate, we are fully available to you with our core competency and our network of consultants.

We already discussed your ideal strategy and established all corresponding conditions for such a case with you during preliminary meetings. Completion of the sale is individually tailored to you. In addition to all economic modalities, we can also shed light on your tax situation and, if desired, involve you in the entire sales process.

Clarifying and formulating a privately signed option contract is as much part of our consultation program as the explanation of and preparation for the purchase and payment process on the closing date.

You can rely on our extensive experience as a competent mediator, especially in the final negotiation phase and formulation of a contract with a potential buyer.

We ensure that all important aspects and factors are considered: The required documents are available or issued in a timely manner, and our confidential lawyers and tax advisors are always available to you for more detailed questions or complicated transactions through a company sale. We correspond directly with the appropriate notaries and agencies, and prepare the official contract of sale including translation for you within a professional timeframe.

Our know-how is your security guarantee: You can rely on our negotiation and sales management skills. Due to our extensive preparations, the pending closing date becomes a day you can anticipate with pleasure, ease, and calmness.